Who We Are

We are an innovation company with a diverse portfolio of brands that specialize in innovation advisory, digital design services, immersive product experiences and eco-friendly art solutions.

With a shared vision of driving sustainable impact and meaningful change, our purpose is to unlock the creative potential of individuals, organizations, and communities to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

Our Portfolio of Brands


Innovation Advisory: Success Designed with Purpose

XYnnovate helps individuals and organisations solve complex challenges in a rapidly changing world by empowering the people who drive innovation activities with purpose-driven innovation practices, strategic guidance and the tools they need to drive growth and maintain competitive advantage.

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Shanoko Design Studio

Digital Design Agency: Crafting Ideas into Pixels

The digital design brand that offers services covering various topics from branding, augmented reality, ecommerce, Web3 projects, 3D design and other digital media services.

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Immersive Product Experiences: Challenging the Status Quo

Aslanback’s awe-inspiring virtual and augmented reality creations pushes the boundaries of fashion, art and technology, creating immersive experiences that challenge the status quo, redefine the digital realm and expand human imagination.

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Natur Canvas

Innovations for Artists: Art with a Conscious Heart

Our innovative approach to sustainable art blends artistic expression with environmental mindfulness, utilizing eco-friendly materials and authentication technology to bring life to mesmerizing creations.

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Work In Progress

Next Brands Coming Soon

We are working internally as well as with other individuals and organizations on new brands, products and experiences.
Stay tuned.

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