Our XYnnovate brand empowers aspiring organizations with innovation practices and strategic guidance to drive digital transformation projects and to build ambidextrous organizations.

How We Work:


Key Methodologies: Stakeholder Interviews, Internal Document Review, Innovation Audit, Kick-off Meeting


Key Methodologies: Landscape Review, Trend Watching, In-depth Interviews, Surveys, Requirements Analysis, Ethnography Study, Existing Data Review, Service Blueprint Design, Customer Journey Mapping


Key Methodologies: Invincible Company Model, Strategy Workshop, Balanced Scorecard, OKRs, Business Model Innovation, Blue Ocean Strategy, Portfolio Maps, Innovation Metrics (IPOO)

Transformation Journey

Key Methodologies: Transformation Journeys, Innovation Hub Visit, Trainings, Intervention in Nature, Team Workshops, Design Thinking, Design Sprint

Building Products, Innovation Units & Brands

Key Methodologies: Innovation Portfolio, Invincible Company, Innovation Sprints, Cross-Industry Innovation, Agile Frameworks

Launch & Evaluate

Key Methodologies: KPI Tracking and Reporting, Customer Feedback, Follow-Up Process

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