We're a team of creatives who love building exciting brands, products, and experiences. Founded in Istanbul and managed from Bremen, XYnnovate operates globally with a hybrid working style. Our diverse team includes designers, programmers, artists, researchers and professionals from different disciplines and backgrounds.

What we believe in:

Guided by our core values - CURIOSITY, COURAGE, COLLABORATION, IMPACT & CARE - we continuously strive to inspire and empower our teams and customers to excel in a rapidly evolving world.

Seek, learn, innovate

1 - Curiosity

With an open mind and passionate heart, we drive into uncharted territories unlocking new potentials. Our curiosity and quest for knowledge is unending. Every exploration and experiment, a learning opportunity, ensuring our innovations remain fresh and relevant. This curiosity is what empowers us and our customers to continuously evolve in an ever-changing world.

embrace bold endeavors

2 - Courage

Displaying courage in every venture, we consistently take on ambitious challenges, pushing boundaries to accomplish extraordinary things. Every bold step we take illuminates a path for others, showcasing innovations that challenge and delight. By consistently challenging the status quo, we inspire both our teams, partners and customers to envision and create for the future.

Succeed together

3 - Collaboration

With shared goals and combined talents, we co-create exceptional outcomes, always celebrating our joint accomplishments. We believe that great teamwork is the foundation of true learning and growth as well as accomplishing our set goals. By fostering a culture of shared knowledge and continuous learning, we empower ourselves and our customers to achieve unparalleled success in our ventures and transformation projects.

Drive meaningful change

4 - Impact

Fueled by creativity, we craft digital innovations that drive meaningful and sustainable change. Every product and experience we design aims to inspire, engage, and transform. Committed to produce tangible results, we bridge the gap between ideas and real-world impact, always centering our customers, users, and team at the heart of our endeavors.

Empathy Fuels Progress

5 - Care

Emphasizing respect and empathy, we foster a welcoming and supportive environment that prioritizes the well-being of our teams, partners and customers. Recognizing and respecting diverse perspectives, we encourage open and honest communication. This approach allows us to constantly re-evaluate our own views and learn from the varied experiences within our teams. By fostering an environment of acceptance and support, we drive forward with innovation and collective growth.

  • Aslanback

    The three planes symbolize a 3D product's physical layer, digital twin and augmented reality (AR) layer. The brand name is based on the back print of the apparel and is based on the Circassian name "Aslanbek" - honoring the founder's roots.


    The smiling art frame & tree symbolize art, tech & sustainability. The brand name combines the words "Natur" (German) & "Canvas" (English) with the insinuating letters "TUR C" (Turkish). Developed by an international team in Germany and manufactured in Turkey.

  • Shanoko Design Studio

    Shanoko means half-head in Circassian, symbolizing the part of the brain responsible for creativity and crazy ideas. The logo illustrates the fingerprint of an artistic team's soul, using Japanese philosophies, spoiling future product roadmaps & ever-evolving works of art.

  • XYnnovate

    Blending the word "innovate" with the mathematical variables X and Y, symbolizing the unknown future and organizational purpose. Together, the brand commits to organizational ambidexterity and purposeful innovations.